Thursday, September 3, 2015

Regular Care from a Trusted Eye Doctor Helps Preserve Visual Acuity

Shockingly it appears that four in every ten employers are disregarding eye care for their employees. In a survey by Specsavers among 124 employers, only 61% said that they provided eye care benefits to all display screen equipment users in their company, while 14% said that they did not provide the service to anyone. Another 12% admitted that they did not have any policy regarding eye care at all. This is a serious concern, considering that a lot of office jobs require the use of display screens or computer monitors, which are known contributors to a decline of sight – something that most companies are aware of. In fact, in the Specsavers survey, 25% of the respondents revealed that they only provided eye care benefits to display screen users, or those whose job requires them to use PCs or laptops for long periods of time.