Sunday, May 22, 2016

Your Eyes and Your Health: Health Problems Detected by an Eye Doctor

Your eyes are not just windows to your soul, but they also hold clues to your overall health. Eye pain may not seem very serious to you, but under an eye doctor’s microscope, the underlying reasons could be something serious. The eyes are the only parts in the body where doctors can check the state of your blood vessels, cranial nerve and arteries without doing surgery. Below are some of the diseases that can be detected through an exam conducted by a Clarity Vision eye doctor in Smithfield, NC. Diabetes This disease can take a toll on the eyes, especially the retina. In fact, one of the symptoms of diabetes is blurred vision. That’s why more often than not, eye doctors are the first to detect this serious disease. The high level of sugar in the blood can clog and even damage the blood vessels found in the retina.

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