Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smithfield, NC Eye Doctor: How Prolonged Computer Work Causes Dry Eyes

Computers have and will always be a part of our everyday life in the workplace. By now, people are more aware that prolonged exposure to the computer’s glare can strain the eye, leading to Dry Eyes Syndrome as an aggravating side-effect. This occurs when the surface of the eye lacks sufficient moisture, and is characterized by blurred vision, irritation, the feeling of having something in your eye, and at times, an excessive excretion of tears as the eyes try to compensate for the dryness. Do your eyes a favor. Blink more often. Blinking helps keep your eyes healthy. It helps flush fresh tears over the eye surface, keeping it clear of debris, while bringing needed nutrients to the eye. However, when we work in front of the computer, we tend to squint in order to focus and define, as well as tone down computer glare. But when we do this, we blink less, which leads to dry eyes.

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