Monday, July 13, 2015

Visit Eye Care Centers and Other Tips: How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

How do your eyes receive and process visual stimuli? Basically, the reason for the images that you see is the light that comes into the pupil, which the lens behind it brings into the retina. The retina, with two types of photosensitive cells called rods (for vision in limited light) and cones (for colored vision), is the part that converts the light into an electrical impulse that the brain will interpret. Is Squinting Bad or Good? According to the Medical Daily, the eyes’ ability to see is enhanced every time you squint to get a better look at something. As you partly close your eyes, the shape of the eye is changed for the light to be centered directly into the fovea (part of the retina) for sharper vision while limiting the amount of light that enters for a clear image. While it improves your eyesight for the time being, regular squinting indicates overall poor visual perception due to aging or damaged eyes.

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